A Guide to Later Life

This Guide is designed to provide an accessible, open and friendly introduction to many of the issues that people face in later life. It touches on some of those ‘challenging conversations’ that families often find themselves having. With contributions from Edwina Currie on her and her Mother’s experiences of downsizing to expert medical insights. Download your free copy here

The Guide to Later Life – A collection of practical guidance and tips


Can I continue to work and be active after retirement? How do I find extra income if needed? When is it best to downsize? Where do I go when I need more care and support? These are just some of the questions that often crop up as we get older, so we are delighted to announce a collection of stories that make up The Guide to Later Life – Practical Guidance and Tips.

Available to download, our new Guide aims to provide an introduction to the challenging issues in later life. The new ebook includes contributions from a pool of experts, as well as people who have a personal experience of the issues themselves - from specialists in care, dementia and terminal illness, to former MP Edwina Currie who writes about her and her mother’s experience with downsizing.


We find that many people often find it difficult to talk about the things that worry them most, so the guide also includes a range of tips on how to go talk directly and sensitively to loved ones about the most difficult issues. Working together to identify solutions not only provides peace of mind, but can help everyone to share their feelings and concerns. While it does not intend to provide all the answers or cover every possible topic, it does aim to help some older people and their families to open up and start to tackle these ‘challenging conversations’ with some very real and practical insights.



  • Chapter 1. There’s something we need to talk about  - Sarah Rozenthuler
  • Chapter 2. What’s your plan for a greater, later life?  - Steven Bedford
  • Chapter 3. Let’s make ‘retirement’ redundant! -  Ian Gall
  • Chapter 4. Get up, get out and get going!  - Diana Moran
  • Chapter 5. The best decision you’ll ever make - Edwina Currie
  • Chapter 6. How to have a richer retirement - Rosie Murray-West
  • Chapter 7. Creating a fulfilling life after loss - Trish Staples
  • Chapter 8. How not to leave your children a tax bill - Sir Henry Every
  • Chapter 9. The greatest gift? Giving wisely - Abigail Kirby-Harris
  • Chapter 10. The five questions you should ask before moving into care - Alyson Martin MBE
  • Chapter 11. The truth about dementia - Dr Simon Atkins
  • Chapter 12. Love and laughter to the end - Dr Michael Blackmore
  • Chapter 13. Celebrate your life, your way by - Madeline McGill

“Later life should be a time for enjoying friends, family and pleasures old and new. With a bit of planning and appropriate help when needed, we can all make the most of it.”

Edwina Currie, on behalf of McCarthy & Stone’s Greater Life Advisory Board.


If you are unable to view this ebook online, please download your free copy here.