We wouldn't want anyone to hurt themselves - especially at a time like this. So, like with any exercise programme, please use common sense and don't do anything that you think would overstrain yourself or put yourself at risk of injury. If you are in any doubt, check with a doctor.
Seated breathing: Put your right hand on your chest, your left hand on your belly and inhale so that only your left hand rises. This is abdominal breathing – the right way to breathe!
Standing breathing: Place both hands on your belly and breathe in so that your belly fully expands, then slowly exhale.
Standing breathing with arm raises: As above but slowly raise your arms above your head while continuing to belly breathe in and out.
Mindfulness: Pick a food item such as a raisin. Focus on it like you’ve never seen it before. Notice how it feels and smells. Bite it and relish the taste. Focusing on the moment has a calming, therapeutic effect.
Brain yoga: Make two fists. Extend your left thumb, then your right pinky. Now swap, so it’s your left pinky and right thumb. Try with other pairs of fingers. This strengthens neural connections, aiding memory.
Sudoku: Easy to learn and fun to play, this needs logic and memory skills which push your brain to make connections. It’s available in most newspapers and magazines, as well as online.
Jigsaw puzzles: A fantastic workout for short-term memory. And clicking a piece in place produces dopamine, which helps concentration. Want a bigger challenge? Turn the pieces over and do it by shape alone!