Maintain a routine: Having a regular time to get up, eat and sleep every day helps you feel more in control and reduces stress. Very important in these strange and uncertain times!
Stay in touch: Whether it’s by phone, email, letter or mobile app, regular contact with family, friends and neighbours helps you stay positive and feel reassured.
Keep busy: Online and offline, there are many and varied ways to fill your time while you stay at home. It’s a great way to combat negative emotions and stay motivated.
Exercise: Physical activity is good for body and mind alike. So, if you’re able to, move around indoors and make the most of your one allowed daily trip outside.
Pace yourself: But also, take time to relax. There isn’t a race to learn a new language or teach yourself origami! Make sure you make space for relaxation and keeping yourself calm.
Ration the news: While it’s helpful to stay abreast of developments, too much news can be overwhelming. So, limit yourself to one or two bulletins a day.
Focus on the positives: Your fellow homeowners agree that focusing on the joys of everyday life has really helped them. Why not keep a diary of all the nice things that happen?