The virus is hardy: Busted! It’s only protected by a thin layer of fat. That’s why soap and detergent are so effective and why you should wash your hands regularly and for longer.
Washing hands isn’t important when you’re self-isolating: Busted! The virus can still enter your house on external items such as food, post and deliveries. Keep washing...
Moisturising your hands reduces cleanliness: Busted! The virus can lodge in cracks in your skin, so moisturising is important. Also, keep your fingernails trimmed so it can’t hide there too.
If delivery drivers wear gloves, they can’t spread it: Busted! Everything they handle can become infected. Wait a day before touching deliveries, so the virus decays.
The virus can’t be passed on via food: Busted! If someone who has the virus on their hands touches food, it can stay contaminated for hours. Wash food or cook it at 65˚C for at least 4 minutes.
Vinegar is good for keeping kitchens and bathrooms virus-free: Busted! Vinegar is useless against the virus, so keep using hot water and a detergent-based surface cleaner.
Drinking alcohol will protect you: Busted! Much as we’d love to believe this, the only alcohol that can protect you is in hand gel (minimum 60% concentration) and only if you apply it liberally.