Aim to get a good food supply in your store cupboard and freezer. This could include ingredients for your favourite meals, basic staples and a few treats. Don’t forget to stock up on tea or coffee and other essentials such as soap and toothpaste.
Agree with family and friends how you’re going to stay in touch. Make sure you have numbers to hand and you’re all set up on FaceTime and group chats.
Have your ‘buddy’ in place. We all need someone who can pick up our food or prescriptions, as well as picking up the phone for a chat.
Have a plan about how you’re going to keep yourself entertained. Are you more books than box sets? Or backstitch rather than backgammon? There are a lot of options available online such as virtual museum tours. The British Museum one is excellent.
Prepare and keep to a routine. It will give your day structure and will help you feel more in control.
Think about an exercise plan. A little workout everyday is recommended to stay fit and healthy even if it’s something as simple as stretching.
And that goes for the mind too. Crosswords, Sudoku and all types of brain games are not only good at keeping your brain busy, but they’ll help you socialise too. There are easy apps you could download to play scrabble or other board games with family and friends that are worth trying out.