Perform as a set, 1-3 times, 15-30 seconds on each exercise.
We wouldn't want anyone to hurt themselves - especially at a time like this. So, like with any exercise programme, please use common sense and don't do anything that you think would overstrain yourself or put yourself at risk of injury. If you are in any doubt, check with a doctor.
Gentle running on the spot: Nice and steady, then look to build up time.
Water bottle rows: Bend over at about 45-degrees with a straight back and engage your core. Hold a water bottle in each hand and hold arms out straight towards the floor. Lift each arm so the bottle touches the rib cage driving the elbow back, and repeat.
Leg extension: If standing, hold a chair and squat down as far as comfortable. Engage legs and glutes to push back up. If sitting, raise leg out straight, squeeze the quads and release.
Press ups/seated dips: If standing, stand arm’s length from a wall, place hands flat on the wall and bend arms to bring head closer to the wall. If sitting, place arms flat on the chair each side of your hips, push down to elevate part or all of your body and release.
Water bottle ‘wood-chop’: Hold bottle in both hands one side of the body, raise the bottle keeping your arms straight diagonally to the other side of the body twisting at the torso and hips. Release and repeat.
Forward bend: If standing, keep legs straight, forward fold and reach for the floor. If sitting, move closer to the edge of your seat and extend your legs straight in front of you. Reach your arms out straight, as close to your feet as possible.
Y-T raises: If standing, bend knees slightly, fold torso and keep back straight. Raise arms in a Y position in front of the body, pull arms back to create a T and repeat. If sitting, fold torso towards thighs and continue as if standing.