Recognise what you’re worried about and realise that, although you can’t change the circumstances, you can look at things differently. Find positives to focus on such as friendships, good news and the spring weather.
Take time to notice everything around you and your presence in that space. Focus on all you can see, hear, touch and smell, blocking all other thoughts. This is mindfulness!
Remember that change is a normal part of life and you will adapt to it, even if you don’t feel able to right now. Just think of all the changes you’ve already adapted to over the years.
If you find yourself panicking, try to slow down your breathing and focus attention on that alone. Close your eyes and feel the air going in and out of your lungs.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything move to a different space, even if it’s just another room. Take time by yourself to unwind.
For a restful sleep, allow your mind to drift and your body to relax. Let go of your worries, like you’re dropping them in a river and watching them drift away. Feel yourself sink into the mattress.
Do gentle exercises that release tension in your body one muscle at a time. Don’t work up a sweat, just focus on each part of your body in turn and find a feeling of stillness.