Monday: Watch ‘Flowers for Mrs Harris’, performed by the Chichester Festival Theatre, which The Guardian called ‘One of the most heart-warming British musicals of recent years’.
Tuesday: Listen to the thrilling documentary podcast ‘Tunnel 29’ on BBC Sounds, which tells the true story of how one man helped 57 people escape under the Berlin wall.
Wednesday: In this exclusive live talk from Mirthy, actor Mike Brook describes his 30+ years in amateur drama and performs short comic pieces. Starts 11am. Exclusive to McCarthy Stone homeowners.
Thursday: Hear the London Symphony Orchestra perform Berlioz’s dream-like ‘Symphonie Fantastique’ and John Adams’ ‘Harmonielehre’, starting at 7:30pm.
Friday: In another exclusive live talk from Mirthy, Dianne Mannering exposes the intrigue and betrayal surrounding Lady Jane Grey, the ‘Nine Days Queen’. Starts 11am. Exclusive to McCarthy Stone homeowners.
Saturday: Jane Austen fans can virtually visit 10 locations associated with the beloved author, from places she visited to settings for many TV and film adaptations of her work.
Sunday: Stretch your mind with Salon’s Book Club Live event, where author Robert E. Smith discusses algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. Starts at 7:30pm.