An NHS worker returned home to find that her neighbours were showing her their support by creating her own dedicated parking spot on their road.
Chelsea Flower Show’s cancellation has brought some unexpected joy as the unused plants are now being planted in green spaces at NHS hospitals; giving our hospitals some much needed colourful blooms.
Across the country, postmen have been leaving lovely gifts, such as bunches of flowers and food packages, for those who cannot leave their homes.
A great grandmother aged 94 is believed to have become the oldest woman in the UK to beat coronavirus. She has credited NHS staff for her amazing recovery.
A bride and groom decided to donate the hog roast planned for their wedding to over 400 NHS hospital staff.
UK children are using their daily walk to go on a bear hunt. Homes are sitting teddies in windows for families to spot while getting their once a day exercise. The idea is inspired by children’s book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.
Pictures of rainbows to ‘spread hope’ have been appearing in windows across the country, as people try to stay positive while they have to stay indoors.