VE day 75

On 8th May, 75 years ago, the guns fell silent marking the end of the war in Europe. Millions of people took to the streets to celebrate peace and remember their loved ones.

A shared moment of celebration

In honour of those who showed courage and determination through the war, the nation was set to come together for a three-day international celebration on the Early May bank holiday this year to joyously continue the VE celebrations 75 years on.

The Government had previously designated the Friday as a bank holiday (for only the second time, the first being the 50th anniversary) to allow everyone to remember and share a personal tribute to those of the British, Commonwealth and Allied armed forces who gave their lives, returned home injured and safeguarded the home front during the difficult and frightening times.

Despite many community events now not going ahead, the day of remembrance will still be an opportunity to pay tribute to family and loved ones who have served and continue to serve in the UK Armed Forces across the world today.

The Friday bank holiday has been extended to enable communities and families to reflect and be thankful for the bravery of the nation 75 years ago, and for the country as we know it today.

How will you commemorate VE Day?

Sadly, in light of the terrible coronavirus outbreak, the many community celebrations planned over the bank holiday weekend have been postponed to a later date.

However, in honour of all who fought, tributes are still encouraged from the comfort of your own homes.

They key moment of reflection was set to be 3pm, when pubs were inviting you all to raise a glass to the heroes of the Second World War in the Nation’s Toast - signalled by a lone piper playing the traditional tune of Battle’s O’er. We’re sure many of you will still join the nation as we toast from our living rooms, balconies and gardens.

Our House and Estate Managers had been busy organising special events to commemorate the anniversary, and we hope to come together to mark the occasion at a later date. In the meantime, we’re still encouraging you to host a celebration at home. Here’s a handful of our top party tips:

  • Sing along: download a VE Day playlist on Spotify
  • Dancing: Learn the ‘Lindy Hop’ Swing
  • Get creative: Make bunting to hang inside or on your balcony
  • In the kitchen: Bake traditional treats such as carrot scones or eggless sponge cake
  • VE Day in pictures: Find old photographs to share with your family and friends

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