Actress Linda Robson, 63, on how looking after her grandchildren and trying to do the splits keeps her young

Linda Robson

I love keeping busy – I like waking up knowing I’ve got something to do that day, such as looking after my daughter Lauren’s two girls two or three days a week, while she’s at work.

She drops off Lila, nine, and Betsy, four, at mine in their jammies. I get them dressed and take them to school and pick them up again afterwards – and I love it. We’re able to stop off at the ice-cream shop on the way home for a treat, which they love – although I’m only allowed to do that once a week! – and it keeps me going.


The hardest thing for me was when I had to do home-schooling with them during lockdown!

But the girls keep me on my toes – just yesterday they were getting me to do the splits. I didn’t do too badly either!

As I’ve got older, I think I’ve got braver and wiser – I never say ‘No’ to things nowadays. I was bought a skydive as a 60th birthday present, and I’ve never been so scared. But I did it!

A fellow TV host and dear friend of mine has been an inspiration. She’s in her early seventies, and is amazing – a wise old owl and super fit.

She goes swimming in the sea practically every day, walks and plays tennis. I like to keep fit, too, through regular yoga classes.

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