Homeowner Advocate Programme

“Life here is wonderful.” Our homeowners are in the know, and what’s better, they’re just a call away.

Got a question about McCarthy Stone - speak to those who know!

With our new Homeowner Advocate programme, you can speak to our homeowners, for an honest insight of how they’re living life, well lived.

Christine and Muriel both volunteer their time to speak to prospective homeowners just like yourself. They’re warm, bubbly and very approachable, and within minutes it feels like you’re having a catch up with a friend.

Moving to Hawkesbury Place, Stow-on-the-Wold in October, Christine is still a ‘newbie’ on paper but in person is delightfully settled. Sitting on her sunny balcony, she says: “You don’t expect to get this experience at my time of life – for me, it’s great. I could not say to anybody that I’m not enjoying it here, and given the circumstances with lockdowns, it can only get better! I can’t wait for them to fully lift, as life here is wonderful.”

Moving from her cottage in the countryside to be closer to her daughter. Christine took full advantage of our Smooth Move service  so from the moment she decided Hawkesbury Place was home, it has been a hassle-free process. “I didn’t want all the fuss of estate agents and solicitors, and the Smooth Move service took this all away. The move really was smooth!”

At Watson Place, you may bump into Muriel who is always delighted to share her experience. Living at the Chipping Norton development for over two years, she has a lovely ground floor apartment, leading onto a pretty patio blooming with tulips.

Muriel says: “It’s a big thing moving out of your family home, there’s always mixed feelings and that’s really understandable. When we moved, we looked at a number of other places, and having a homeowner to talk to about their experience would have been a huge help when deciding where to call home. Everyone here always gets so excited when someone moves in, there’s such a fantastic sense of community and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming new homeowners to the last few remaining apartments soon.

There really is no thing more valuable than hearing first-hand someone else’s experience, and our advocate programme invites you to do just that.

Just a call away

To speak to one of our homeowners about life at McCarthy Stone, please call 0800 201 4652.

Alternatively you might want to browse our retirement properties around the UK or read our guide to stress free moving.

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My worry was having to start again with friends, but Gary and Anne have reassured me...Made me feel much more upbeat about it. It’s lovely to talk to people – the sales team aren’t salesy at all, but they don’t live there. The homeowners do and they’re the ones who can say what it’s really like.”

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