Choose someone on site who you can check in with regularly, with a daily call and catch up.
Write letters to loved ones who might be missing regular contact with others; everyone loves to get something through the post. Your buddy can help you get that to the post-office.
Help the children in your family with some home schooling. Think of your favourite subject and do a homework sheet that they can complete.
If you are confident with technology, be the person to set up a video group chat with other members of your community. So even though you can’t be face to face, you can still see each other.
Share your book or film recommendations and start your own book or film club via email.
Have you got the perfect store cupboard recipe? If so, then email it around to your friends and see if they like it too.
Share any resources with the rest of the community – we know some of you have set up contact-free online deliveries, ask if others would like to join up.