A message from our CEO

It is with great sadness that I write following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Our longest-serving monarch, the Queen has been the pillar of British Society since she came to the throne in 1952. Her loss will be deeply felt by everyone at McCarthy Stone and by people throughout the country and around the world.

The Queen’s compassion, warmth, dignity and kindness gave us all courage and hope. She led our nation for 70 years with great devotion and stoicism.

On behalf of everyone at McCarthy Stone, we offer our deep condolences to her family. They are in our thoughts and prayers. We are united with our colleagues, homeowners, friends, and family in feeling the deep sense of loss of a person who has led our country since before many of us were born.

Rest in peace Your Majesty.

- John Tonkiss

Condolence messages from the McCarthy Stone community

She will be greatly missed. How I will miss the Christmas message from our wonderful Queen! She was truly an inspiration. Rest in peace.

- Mrs Heller

If there is one thing that we could all learn from Queen Elizabeth, surely it is for everyone to trust in God as she did, then the world would become a much happier and safe place. Thank you Your Majesty for the wonderful example you showed to all. Rest in peace knowing that you did a magnificent job.

- Ted and Rosa Gascoyne

Our Queen managed to be a strong, dedicated, sincere and warm person. It seems such a strange place without Her but history will remember Her surely as the best monarch of any country at any time.

- Judy Holmes

Our thoughts are with the Queen's family at this sad time. The Queen will be greatly missed by the Nation.

- Mr and Mrs Pollen

The Queen was the one constant throughout my 79 years. I had such pleasure and joy to organise, along with another friend and neighbour, a street party for Her Silver Jubilee. She will always be remembered with love and tremendous respect for a life of service.

- Lesley Hey

She will be sadly missed, I cooked for Her twice whilst in the forces. God bless her.

- Barry Southey

We were saddened to hear of Her Majesty’s death, our thoughts are with Her family at this sad time.

- Kate Wigglesworth

Deeply saddened. May Her soul rest in peace, God bless Her Majesty.

- Melville Cabral

I will treasure my memories of our late Queen. She was a selfless, dedicated and wonderful lady. God bless our future King Charles and the Royal Family.

- Olive C. Whiting

She was respected through out the world but also loved by millions in this country. She will be sadly missed R.I.P.

- Mike and Joyce Moseley

Duty done Ma'am, right to the last. Rest in peace.

- Steve Iceton

HM Queen Elizabeth was a force of nature. She became Queen at a very young age and immediately took on the responsibility of being Monarch from day one. She was incredibly hard working, dedicated, conscientious and always ready to take tough decisions.

- Nuscie Jamil

A guiding light for our country has gone out. Our Queen was a truly remarkable example of her generation and the following ones. Her grace and compassion are what inspired me and the way she was able to steer and advise all people no matter their background.

- Gerry Manolas

I saw her twice in my life, once as a little girl in Basingstoke when she visited and more recently at Ascot ladies day. There really are too many words to describe what she did for our country so I won't even try, but her guiding light will never truly be replaced.

- Andrea Waldron

The Queen has been at the centre of our lives for so long that it is impossible to imagine life without her. She devoted her life to us and has been the bedrock of our society; always constant, always hopeful, always smiling, always uplifting. Such an exemplar. Thank you, Your Majesty.

- Elisabeth Alder