Introducing our Christmas Crackers awards 2020 has certainly been memorable – and, let’s face it, very difficult for most of us. But despite the hardships, there have been so many people who have helped lift our spirits and brighten our lives. We wanted to recognise just a few of them – our Christmas Crackers – who’ve made life in our McCarthy & Stone developments a little more special by sharing their achievements, talents and stories.

How it works 

We’ll be selecting 10 people from our community who have shined brightly this year. All of them have achieved something amazing, entertained and inspired us. And from the 1st December we will be announcing who they are. We’ll announce one winner every day on this page and on social media.

Get involved! 

Once we’ve shared our winners, we want you to vote for your favourite. You can do this through our Facebook page  – the overall winner will be our McCarthy & Stone Personality of the Year and receive a Christmas Hamper as a thank you. Voting will run between 10th - 17th December. The winner will be announced on the 18th December.


Daredevil of the year 

Someone who’s jaw-dropping exploits prove age is no barrier to adventure.

Artist of the year

Someone who’s inspired us with their late-blooming creative talent.

Athlete of the year

Someone who’s kept fighting fit despite restrictions

Community champion of the year

Someone who’s kind gesture brightened our lives

Entertainer/Humourist of the year

Someone who’s clever wit and talent has kept us all smiling.

Fundraiser of the year

Someone who’s pushed themselves to the limits for charity.

Writer of the year

Someone who’s creative writing lifted our spirits.

Artisan of the year

Someone who’s turned a hobby, craft or skill into something really special

Musician of the year 

Someone who’s musical talent brought us joy

Hero of the year

Someone who deserves to be recognised for their sheer bravery

Thank you everyone 

Choosing winners is going to be incredibly difficult as so many of our homeowners have shown incredible levels of community spirit, can-do attitude and kindness throughout the year. And that’s not to mention all our amazing employees, suppliers and buddies who have all gone above and beyond to keep everyone happy and safe. Many in the McCarthy & Stone community have shared heartfelt thank you messages here. But if you know of someone you feel deserves a special mention for their efforts or achievements let us know.