Every great organisation understands the importance of recognising the crucial contribution made by every employee.

At McCarthy & Stone everyone shares the same goal: happy homeowners leading rich and fulfilling lives. And that’s the case whether the role is customer facing, part of the management team, or working diligently behind the scenes to develop great working practices, deliver projects or helping ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the business. 

Within our operational teams we need professionals with expertise in areas such as Health & Safety, Finance, IT, Procurement, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Legal and Administration. 

These people are the beating heart of our business. They support our regional teams – the people who are purchasing land, designing and building developments, selling the lifestyle we offer and managing our fantastic developments. Allowing them to concentrate on the activities that enable the business to continually evolve and grow. 

Whatever your area of expertise, we offer a wide range of opportunities to professional support staff at every level.


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The company has also given me the opportunity to further educate and better myself through the training and resources it provides. The dynamic  interaction between departments I believe has also played a large part in my own development  and is a very unique consequence of our business structure, there are few developers I know of that employee such a diversity of professionals all working towards the same goals.