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Jigsaws Are a New Craze

Hobbies and interests
Posted 08 July 2020
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Jigsaws Are a New Craze

They may not seem the most likely champions in the digital counter-revolution but jigsaw puzzles are certainly playing their part.

They have been one of the most popular puzzle games since the mid-1700s when a London map maker John Spilsbury first created commercially available puzzles. For hundreds of years jigsaws have been a favourite pastime, entertaining families with creating order from chaos and an image from a fractured box - it’s rather quite satisfying!

Over the past decade, technology has replaced more traditional, once-loved hobbies, but could jigsaws be making a comeback? We’ve pieced together some key benefits that suggests they might well be.

Exercising both parts of your brain, a jigsaw is challenging and requires a level of concentration which allows you to escape from the digital world and everyday stresses.

Completing a jigsaw is a similar affect to meditation as it generates a sense of calmness and peace.

Once you start, you can’t stop! Improving your attention, you will become addicted to  piecing together the varying colours, shapes and sizes. They have been proven to sharpen your memory, perseverance and resilience too, while improving fine motor skills.

Jigsaws are a fantastic solo pastime with hours whizzing by without you realising or a lovely challenge to share with family and friends promoting discussion, interaction and teamwork.

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