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Random Acts of Kindness

We've put together a few of our wonderful development managers who have carried out an act of kindness.

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Posted 17 February 2021
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Random Acts of Kindness

We want to celebrate the many spontaneous and creative acts of kindness our wonderful development managers carry out every day of the year.

Kindness comes naturally to our development teams, as Maxine Homolka House Manager, Meadows House, Walton-On-Thames, puts it, ‘that’s the best thing about being a House Manager. We get to look after and cheer people up.’

These are just some of the small things they do that make a huge difference in our developments around the country. 

Feeling inspired?

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation encourages you to carry out small acts of kindness that may make all the difference to the person who benefits. Why? To spread happiness, to change lives for the better, to brighten up someone’s day. A great example is buying the person behind you in the queue a coffee, but it could be as simple as a smile and a wave. Find ideas here.

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