Our Buddy Scheme

The Coronavirus situation continues to change rapidly, and we are adapting the ways in which we work to protect our homeowners and our colleagues.
We appreciate these are worrying times for our homeowners, their families, friends and communities across the country.
As such McCarthy and Stone have set up a Buddy system in which every homeowner identifies a trusted friend or family member, or a member of our staff if needed, who can help check in on them and bring medical and food supplies, if needed – something still permitted in the Prime Minister’s recent announcement.
Our House Managers and Estates teams continue to be in regular contact with our homeowners, either on site or by phone, and are backed up by a central team.
We are looking to put further support in place to help our homeowners stay active socially within their communities - even if this cannot be done face to face.
We have asked for volunteers in our wider business to support this and many have come forward.

Ongoing Care for Homeowners

  • Our House and Estate Managers will look to check in with homeowners regularly, as part of their usual duties.
  • We are making sure all homeowners have a “Buddy”, to support getting essentials and to make sure they are well.
  • We have asked homeowners to identify a family member or friend to fulfil this role. If no Buddy is available, we are looking for volunteers in our business to support and already more than many have come forward to do so.
  • On Retirement Living PLUS developments, where we have care staff, we are committed to providing the very highest level of service and care that we can. Many of our head office staff and building teams have volunteered to provide cover for House and Estate teams in the event this is needed.
  • We are looking to provide more social support to homeowners in the coming days and weeks.

We would like to thank all our homeowners and their families for their cooperation and resilience.

The entire team at McCarthy & Stone is dedicated to supporting our communities during this time.