If you want to buy a new McCarthy & Stone apartment, but can’t afford the total cost, you may be entitled to help through the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme.

What is the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme?

The scheme has been set up by the Scottish Government to assist purchasers in buying a new build home from a home builder who has officially registered to take part in the scheme, without having to fund its entire cost.The Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme has recently been adapted to suit the needs of those aged 60 and over in helping them purchase a new home. 

How does it work?

Through the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme, the Scottish Government can help you with up to 15% of the purchase price of a new McCarthy & Stone apartment. You'll be expected to pay a minimum of at least 85% of the apartment's total purchase price and the Government will hold the remaining % share under a shared equity agreement which it will enter into with you. Visit the Scottish Government website for guidance notes.


  • If the Scottish Government gave you 15% of the apartment's purchase price and you haven't paid any of this back, it will be due 15% of the sale price.
  • If a house is bought for £150,000 (with Scottish Government share of 15%) and it sells for £170,000, the Scottish Government is entitled to 15% of £170,000. This is the same even if the house value drops – if a house sells for £130,000, Scottish Government is entitled to 15% of £130,000.
  • If you've already repaid the Scottish Government's equity share, so you own 100% of the equity, when you sell the house you will get the full 100% of the sale price.

To find out more details, including whether you are eligible and details on how to apply, download the full Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme brochure.