What is Sheltered Housing?

Sheltered housing accommodation is a next-step accommodation option for those who want to continue to live independently but need support to do so safely and comfortably. These usually take the form of self-contained flats or bungalows, which are overseen by a scheme manager or warden. You’d expect sheltered accommodation to have a 24-hour emergency alarm system, in case residents need urgent help or assistance, and the accommodation is usually modified to take into account the typical needs of retired residents.

Sheltered housing complexes often have communal areas for residents to use, such as a maintained garden and shared lounge. There might also be additional on-site dining or laundry facilities for those who wish to use them. The appeal for many residents is that they can benefit from the social aspect while still retaining their own privacy and independence.

Sheltered housing isn’t usually a suitable option for those who have ongoing personal care or nursing needs – however there are Extra Care sheltered housing schemes available that can be considered if a person has some care needs but still wishes to remain living independently.

What is the difference between a Retirement Living apartment and Sheltered Housing?

A McCarthy and Stone Retirement Living apartment is sheltered housing accommodation. Each apartment has been designed to make day-to-day living easier, with waist height ovens and plug sockets, and slip resistant flooring and lever taps in bathrooms. All McCarthy and Stone Retirement Living apartments have a 24-hour emergency call system, and the house manager is on-site during office hours to support residents and manage the development. Each Retirement Living complex also boasts a homeowners’ lounge and maintained landscaped gardens for socialising, a guest suite* for visitors to enjoy and trips, social events and activities for residents.

For those with greater care needs, McCarthy and Stone also offers Retirement Living PLUS apartments, which offer a flexible personal care and support element, including one hour a week of domestic assistance included in the service charge, with additional personal care and support available. The care and support is completely flexible and can be increased or decreased according to an indivdual's personal circumstances. So, you only pay for the care you need when you need it. There’s also a restaurant in every Retirement Living PLUS complex. Lunch can be provided for homeowners as well as their family and friends.

While many sheltered housing properties are only available to rent, McCarthy and Stone offer apartments to purchase, so your home really is your own.

It’s important to take the time to consider all the options, when thinking about the next accommodation step for you or a loved one. The right decision will mean a happy and safe retirement and exciting new chapter in your life.

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*Additional charges apply