What is Extra Care?

Extra care is a good compromise between sheltered housing and a care home. It allows residents to continue living independently, typically in a self-contained flat or bungalow, while benefiting from personal care support.

As with traditional sheltered housing, an extra care complex will consist of several self-contained accommodation units, often with communal spaces such as gardens or shared lounges for residents to share. The complex will be overseen by a warden, and each flat or bungalow should have a 24-hour emergency alarm.

Extra care allows residents to continue living independently, while offering onsite care support if required. It can allow the best of all worlds – your own space, communal spaces offering a social aspect, domestic help, a meals service and personal care when needed – however it’s important to consider whether continuing to live alone is the right choice for you or your loved one. There are also usually limits to the care that can be provided. If nursing care is needed in addition to personal care then a care or ‘nursing’ home may be a more suitable option.

What is the difference between extra care and a Retirement Living PLUS apartment?

McCarthy and Stone Retirement Living PLUS apartments are similar to extra care in that they offer all the benefits of independent living, in a beautiful and suitably modified apartment, with communal spaces, 24-hour on-site management, a restaurant or bistro for those who prefer to have their meals cooked for them, domestic support and additional personal care support if required. The communal spaces usually include a shared homeowners’ lounge, guest suite* for visitors and maintained garden, and residents can enjoy social events and activities while still having the privacy of their own apartment to retire to.

The care support at McCarthy and Stone Retirement Living PLUS apartment complexes is flexible, which means that residents only pay for the additional support that they need. One hour of domestic support is included in the service charge, which can be used for cleaning or running errands of the resident’s choice, and further personal care plans are worked out on an individual basis.

The benefit of extra care is that it can enable you or your loved one to enjoy living independently for longer, with the peace of mind that safety, security and support needs are all looked after.

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*Additional charges apply