Review of Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) 2013

We attach significant importance to the SPP Review. Currently, Scottish Planning Policy includes Housing as a subject area and within that area, special mention is given to the issues of affordable housing, the housing needs of sections of the community such as Gypsies, Travellers, Travelling Showpeople and the issue of houses in multiple occupancy.  There is no reference to older people’s housing.

As part of the Scottish Government’s review of the SPP in 2013 we propose that a section on older people’s housing is introduction and have made the following suggestion: 

"The housing needs of older people should be considered in local housing needs assessments and Development Plans because of Scotland’s rapidly ageing population and the specific housing needs of this age group.

There are currently 890,000 people over the age of 65 in Scotland and this is estimated to rise to 1.43 million by 2035, a quarter of the population.  Housing built specifically for older people including specialised retirement accommodation and extra care accommodation also has different requirements to mainstream housing.  This includes differences relating to design, management, care and support, location requirements and the large amount of floor space that needs to be provided for communal areas such as resident lounges and restaurants.

Planning authorities should therefore prepare policies to support the delivery of accommodation built specifically for older people where a need has been identified.  Consideration should also be given as to whether it is appropriate to levy the same level of affordable housing charges on this form of accommodation as mainstream housing, including exemption, given the need for it and its different nature and design."


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