Living Room - McCarthy Stone

Our new strategy

Our business model

Our business model is built on five important principles - each designed to provide the very best products and services for our customers.

1. Targeted land buying

We target land based on different criteria to mainstream housebuilders:

  • Centrally located brownfield sites
  • Close to amenities
  • Regenerating town centre sites

2. Effective planning and design

We have significant planning and design expertise:

  • Specialist in-house planning team
  • Strong reputation with local authorities
  • Increased Government recognition of the benefits of our products

3. High-quality construction

We deliver high-quality buildings:

  • Industry-leading quality and performance
  • Experienced subcontractors and established supply chain
  • Repeatable build process

4. Specialist sales and marketing

We have an industry-leading trusted brand:

  • Specialist trained sales force
  • Trusted brand - 40 years’ experience
  • Dedicated customer service teams

5. Supportive property management and care services

We have a well-established management and care service:

  • Dedicated in-house management services team
  • House and Estate Management teams undertake day-to-day running of developments
  • Provides added peace of mind for customers
  • Ongoing service quality underpins McCarthy Stone’s brand

Our new strategy

We create retirement communities that enrich the quality of life for our customers and their families. Our vision is to create even deeper and longer relationships with our customers, by transitioning the business from a housebuilder to the UK’s leading developer, manager and owner of retirement communities.

Our strategy is underpinned by three key principles:
  • Flexibility within our services to respond to customer needs.
  • Choice of ownership through multi-tenure options.
  • Affordability of our properties to maximise the mass-market appeal.