Our approach to construction

Really considerate construction

Our involvement with your development starts long before it opens. That’s because we manage every aspect of the construction process. And we do it with consideration because building positive relationships with communities is as important as building excellent schemes.

The construction process

From the moment we set foot on site, we consider the wellbeing of neighbours and the general public. Our Considerate Construction Policy is there to minimise the impact of the construction process on the local community:

  • Our hoardings are always properly maintained.
  • Deliveries are made at reasonable hours.
  • Noise is controlled.
  • Freephone numbers are displayed should site neighbours have any queries.

Health and safety

We are regular chart toppers in surveys of construction skills as of 2012. We’re the only house builder in this sector to have gained the top ratings for two customer satisfaction awards in the Home Builders Federation’s Customer Satisfaction Survey every year since its introduction in 2005.


We make every effort to use environmentally friendly materials in our developments. We also keep on-site waste to a minimum and segregate waste for recycling. To help site neighbours, each of our sites also has its own bespoke traffic management plan that controls when vehicles arrive at and leave the site.