Land, planning and construction

Land, planning and construction

High quality properties

We are Britain’s leading provider of retirement accommodation. We’ve pioneered the idea that people want and deserve high quality residential property that is designed and built with their needs in mind. We want people to enjoy their retirement and it should be rewarding and hassle free.

Our experience

We provide the largest share of Britain's privately owned retirement and Retirement Living PLUS accommodation. We’ve built more than 50,000 individual apartments in more than 1,000 different locations and this means that we can offer you high quality accommodation in the place where you want to live. You can continue to own your own home, enjoy independence for longer and avoid having to move into rented accommodation or residential care.

Our success is based on an understanding of the key issues related to the development of property for later living.

  • The challenges around land acquisition are unique and complex. Find out more.
  • Careful planning and thoughtful consultation are essential. Find out more.
  • Construction must balance the needs future of owners and of the local community. Find out more.
  • Designing for the needs of our customers, and for sustainability, is critical. Find out more.

A growing retired population

We know we are tackling an important housing need. To date the UK has built just 105,000 specialist retirement homes for owner occupation*, but the number of people aged over 65 will grow from 10 million today to nearly 17 million by 2035**. This means that at the moment many people in later life have no choice but to stay in homes which may not be best suited to their needs or in the wrong location. We want to use our property development skills to help to solve this problem, and to give our customers the homes that they want, need and deserve.

* Housing markets and independence in old age: expanding the opportunities, University of Reading, May 2011.
**All Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People. Living Well at Home Inquiry, P7, July 2011.