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Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Gender Pay Gap report 2020

We are committed to being an inclusive and diverse employer

This week we have published our Gender Pay Gap report, giving a snapshot of our business as of 5th April 2020 for the pay gap, and the 12 months prior for the bonus gap.

These reports have historically been published in April, however reporting dates were to allow companies additional time to work through the complexities that have arisen due to Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS).

This report has been written against the backdrop of two significant events -  Covid-19 and our purchase of Your Life Management Services (YLMS). Both of these have had a significant impact on the numbers reported. 

Despite the organisation employing many more females than males we continue to see disparity in the important gender pay ratios. Partly this can be explained by having more males than females in senior roles, where higher salaries and bonuses are paid, but also we have a low representation of males in our front line care roles.

To truly tackle this imbalance, we need systemic changes to how we work and think about inclusion and diversity. In 2020 and 2021 we are proud to say that we have taken a number of actions that we believe will make a real difference for our colleagues:

  • Established an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team to work across initiatives, but with particular focus on gender, age and mental health
  • Established a Women in McCarthy Stone network group to focus on inclusivity and champion equality for all
  • Reviewed our recruitment processes to ensure that they support greater diversity in appointments

These actions will start to make a difference to our gender pay gap, but in future years we will need to continue to address the underlying causes, if we are truly to achieve the fully inclusive culture that we aspire to.

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McCarthy Stone Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Our Report

For this report, we have published our aggregated gender pay data across all areas of the business, as we believe this approach better represents our wider employee population, and helps us to better understand pay and diversity across the organisation as a whole. Further to the regulatory requirements, we have also created separate data reports for each area of the business (Group, Services and YLMS).