Gender Pay gap report 2019

Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

At McCarthy Stone we recognise that equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace is good management practice and makes sound business sense.

We want everyone to feel that they belong and thrive in our organisation as we work towards our ultimate purpose of creating communities that enrich the quality of life of our customers and their families.

We aim to be an inclusive organisation, where difference and diversity are valued. We want to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity for recognition, reward and career development. We are confident that we operate equal pay at McCarthy Stone and have robust processes in place to ensure this. However, we recognise that we continue to have a gender pay gap which needs to be addressed over time, both within our business, and the construction industry as a whole.

A gender pay gap can arise from many different factors. Whilst we have broadly similar numbers of male and female employees in the development business, there are also inherent challenges within the housebuilding sector which are not unique to our business, and these play a key role in our ongoing gender pay gap. For example, if gender were represented equally by job level, our mean hourly pay gap of 39.4% would reduce by 88% to 4.7% and our mean bonus gap would disappear altogether.

We are committed to addressing the gender pay gap to the best of our ability and to drive a better, more balanced and more diverse business. We believe the best routes to this are through encouraging and promoting talent, with a particular focus on females; continuing to work to attract more women into the sector and addressing the overall diversity of our workforce. We are pleased to see the continuing progress we have made in bringing more women into senior management roles in the last five years (see page 8), but recognise that there remains more to be done to deliver better business and workforce diversity in all areas.

We welcome the ongoing requirement to report on our gender pay gap and the gender profile of our employees, and will strive to ensure that our business attracts a broad and diverse range of employees; to provide an attractive and inclusive working environment in which everyone feels a sense of belonging; and to work together to create communities that enrich the quality of life of our customers and their families.

Gender Pay Gap Report